How To Select A Calendar Printing Service

How To Select A Calendar Printing Service
By definition, you would only usually need to get a calendar printed once a year for the year ahead and so finding a calendar printing service can be a bit of a daunting process.

It does not need to be though and my goal is to help make your calendar printing project as easy as possible this year by providing you with some simple to follow tips:

Work out the kind of calendar that you would like to get printed.

Calendars actually come in all shapes and sizes and you need not stick with the traditional wall calendar that you are used to seeing hanging in the nearest car service station.

Here are just a few of the different calendar formats available today:

  • Wall Calendars - that is the type you see hanging in service stations.
  • Desktop Triangle Calendars - this is a popular format and consists of a piece of card folded twice into a triangle shape. Each calendar month is usually designed in a box with perhaps six months of each visible side of the calendar.
  • Wire Bound Calendars - there are many different variations on this theme, but you would typically find this type of calendar contains one month per page and can be any size from perhaps A6 to A2 and larger.

What will you put on your printed calendar?

Chances are that you already have some ideas in mind about the content of your calendar, but if in doubt here are some ideas:

- Your printed calendar should, of course, include days and months. It's surprising, but people have a tendency to think about the photographs or text and forget that their calendar will also require dates!

- Pictures, graphics or images. From a marketing point of view the primary purpose of the calendar is not to provide your prospect or customer with a list of the days of the week, but to ensure that it is your image in front of them at all times throughout the year. Think about how you can include pictures or graphics about your own product or service on the calendar.

- Your company logo. This calendar should be all about branding yourself in the mind of your customer to make sure you include your corporate logo.

- Your contact details. Again, this is a piece of marketing which will sit on your customer's desk or hang on their wall for many months to come. It should, therefore, become a natural place for them to look for your contact details. Include your telephone number, email, and website at the very minimum.

In an age of junk mail and cynicism about marketing material, you may well find that your calendar is, in fact, one of the few genuinely welcome items to appear at the offices of your prospects and clients.

The more bespoke and personalized you make the calendar, the greater it's welcome. So you could even consider including your client's name on the calendar itself.